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As an interstate carrier of household goods you are required by Federal regulations to have an arbitration program.
375.211 Must I
have an arbitration
DOT Regulations
As a member of USMA you have access to AAMO - the American Arbitration & Mediation Organization. AAMO provides a neutral and stress free method for the consumer to bring their complaints against a company and have an impartial arbitrator decide the issue. All arbitrations are conducted in writing. This is called a Desk Arbitration. In a Desk Arbitration, the parties submit their arguments and evidence to the arbitrator in writing. The arbitrator then makes an award based only on the documents. No hearing is held.

USMA members are provided the DOT required form outlining the arbitration process to give to their long distance customers as one of the required DOT documents.
Link to American Arbitration and
Mediation Organization (AAMO)
Arbitration is an informal process in which two parties present their views of a dispute to a neutral third party, an arbitrator, who will listen to both sides, weigh the evidence and who will decide how the dispute will be resolved. Disputes are brought before a neutral third party (the arbitrator) who, after carefully reviewing all of the relevant information, issues a final decision. It may favor one of the parties or the decision may effect both parties. All arbitration decisions are binding and will hold up in court if necessary.
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Did You Know?
You can be fined as much as $5,500 by the DOT if you do not have a claims and arbitration program!
What Is Arbitration ?
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