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Don't be fooled by some company's "low cost" arbitration fee
Many companies offer low cost arbitration fees but don't tell you the details and hidden costs! They will say they are affiliated with a large national arbitration firm and all you need to do is have the customer call that company.

What they don't tell you is that that national firm will charge you up to $800 to initiate the arbitration and then as much as $640 per hour during arbitration. These companies all use lawyers for the arbitration process!
So when your customer files for arbitration you are both billed at those rates!

USMA's arbitration company, American Arbitration and Mediation Organization uses professional lay people - like professors, CPAs, paralegals and ordinary business owners and workers. These people have years of experience with business arbitration. AMMO's fee is only $150 for the entire arbitration process.

So ask who is doing the arbitration and what are the costs. You'll see that our rates really are low cost and professional.